Why you should wear heels to work: How To

My reason for wearing heels to work?

I have many, yet none of any relevance except that I am a woman and I can.


Yes, it does hurt, especially those long hours with walking around post 6pm and pre-events, trainings, seminars, trade shows and all the other hullabaloo. But, to me, I cannot imagine wearing a suit with sneakers, or for that matter a dress too. Maybe because it’s like figuring out for the first time, a couple of years ago, that regular eyebrows didn’t cut it anymore, I needed a bit of Cara going for me?

Can someone please explain to me how do I grow out my eyebrows again? Besides Microdermitizaion or whatever the hell its called. Castor Oil seems alright. But does it really work? More importantly do I really have time for that sticky gooey substance??

Anyway back to shoes! 

There is something about a woman in heels. Especially at the workplace. Anyone can wear heels to a party or a brunch, but a woman doing her 9 to 5 grind in a pair of sexy pumps (not the naughty 3rd woman kind though) .. thats something. And, if like me, not wearing heels with a suit is like snow in the desert to you, here are a couple of pointers which may actually help you break into those baddies.

Know what to wear when 730d46d2bd950855df3d9c0d8e60a10a.jpg

Just like the seasons., you have to what is appropriate and necessary when. For instance if you have two events running simultaneously, you cannot, and eventually will not wear those gorgeous new CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN .. despite the sincere intentions. The situation warrants a pair of comfy (not ugly) back up flats. If its any consolation, people will not notice at the end of a long day.

Wearing high heels every day does not make them easier to walk in and can seriously damage your feet. If you are headed into a 14 hour work day, bring a pair of back up flats or maybe switch to your stylish sneakers for the commute home (yep).


When it comes to high heels, remember: quality over quantity

It is very important to invest in good shoes. They need not be the most expensive shoes, but be very wary of purchasing cheap heels. Wearing high heels is not the best thing that you can do your feet. I have girlfriends that can only wear flats because they ruined their feet wearing bad high heels every day.

Make sure you’re wearing the right size shoe

The number one mistake women make would probably be not having the right shoe size for their foot. Your foot size changes over the years, even as much as one full size, especially after having kids. Have your feet sized once a year, and do it if you’ve never had it done. Have your feet measured when you’re buying shoes, for width and for length as well. A lot of people think they’re a wide or vise versa and they’re not, so definitely do that before you shop.

The thicker the heel, the better

When your are breaking in, avoid thin heels, the stilettos. They cause your foot to wobble around. Sometimes, the dress is just going to call for a stiletto, as long as it’s something that’s occasional. If you’re wearing stilettos everyday, you might want to consider a chunkier heel style and change it up a bit.

Try a shoe with more coverage up top

The more coverage you have on the top of your foot, the better. In the summer, you can try something with an ankle strap or a big wide strap across the top. If you’re prone to blisters and friction, you might want to try that style, something that covers more of the top of your foot.

Expert Tip: You will want to wear scrappy shoes all summer long.


Walk heel to toe

I find that the biggest mistake that a newbie can make while strutting their stuff in high heels is to walk as if you are not wearing heels. You absoultely have to adjust your gait. You find that this adjustment will feel most natural if you walk heel to toe. If you place your whole foot down at once, as if you were wearing flats, it makes your walk look clumsy and unelegant. Heel to toe is the way to go.

Take small steps

I find that the best way to walk in heels is to take small steps. They may be called “high heels,” but you’re basically walking on your tip toes. Imagine taking big strides on your tippy toes—totally impractical. Protect your feet and yourself (from falling) by taking tiny steps.

Those over-the-counter shoe inserts really do help

One thing to try are the over-the-counter products that market themselves for high heels. They are called metatarsal or ball of the foot pads. They are oval-shaped pads that go under the ball of the foot, usually made from a silicone gel. They combat soreness under the ball of the foot. Especially if it’s made of silicone, it will hold your foot more steady in the shoe so your feet aren’t sliding forward as much, which will protect your toes from friction and blisters.

Use your hair dryer

I actually can’t take credit for this one. I thought it was incredibly clever of my colleague, Emily Abbate, to suggest using a hair dryer to conform your shoes to your feet. I have used my hair dryer to dry my nails quickly (in addition to sticking them in the freezer), but using a hair dryer to help my shoes feel more comfortable never occurred to me until now.


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