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What’s in my Bag – 9 to 5 – Autumn​ Edit

Despite living in Dubai, Autumn is still my favourite time of the year. The thing is, I had to make a shift in my understanding of autumn temperatures. It now stands at 30 degrees c. Yes, that’s legit for this part of the world.

As I get excited about experiencing yet another autumn, the first part is always to add stuff to my bag which is much needed during this time of the year. There are a few quintessential products which have to (at all times) be in my vicinity, it could be in my work bag or in my drawer at work.


  1. Lint Roller

Anyone who is lucky enough to live with furry fours will understand the importance of the roller! So every time I go to IKEA or even a grocery store, I literally hoard on them. There’s one in my bag, one in my dresser and in my drawers at work and not to forget the refills! OCD much?

2. Home Keys

3.  My Wallet

4.  Sunglasses and Eye Wear

5. Prayer beads (Tasbeeh)

The commute to and from work takes approximately 20 minutes for me and in that time, I plug my earphones and try and pray on the tasbeeh. I learnt the importance of spirituality from my mum. Truth be told, it keeps me, human.

6. Hand Lotion and Sanitizer

It’s crucial to take good care of our skin during the onslaught of changing weather. Hygiene is particularly important while people around you keep catching the flu! Bath and Bodyworks had some amazing smelling sanitizers. Currently loving the one I got for my birthday from a friend.

7. Lip Balm, Gloss and other relevant lip care. Always loving: Dior Lip Plump

I’m in love with this product. I’m literally on the 12th one. It’s not sticky its just right! Found Here!

8. Perfume – Currently in love with Be Delicious by DKNY. Found here.

9. Chewing gum – Because I think I’m an addict.

10. Face Mist and Blotting Paper – Currently in love with the NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray. Found Here.

11. Memory stick and other gadgets including chargers, power bank, and my trusty JBL Commercial earphones.


12. Facial Wipes – Funnily enough I use the Johnsons Baby wipes, I suppose I have an obsession with my face resembling a baby’s but.

13. My office laptop

14. Planner + Pens

15. Business cards

16. Backup Makeup Kit- Hair ties, bobby pins, Eyeliner, Blush, Lip Plump and a Red Lipstick (for the unplanned dinners post work).

16. Medicine Emergency Kit – Read bandaid, aspirin, sanitary napkins and an extra pair of seamless panty.

Currently Loving

What it is – A long-lasting powder that doubles up as intense sun protection (SPF 42, PA+++) and a luminizing makeup setter. With premium minerals, it’s gentle and flawlessly hugs skin without caking up. It also comes with a soft brush applicator for a controlled, easy application and retouches.


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