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Studio Apartment Ideas

Decor Ideas, Tips and Tricks in settling down in a new studio apartment

Downsizing homes can be quite an overwhelming experience. I recently moved to a 700 sq feet studio from a 5 bedroom villa. My biggest concern was, of course, the decor- will the furniture even fit? But, it’s a decision I’m very excited about… its all mine!

I’m starting to see the beauty and value in smaller spaces. For instance, cleaning the space is easy and quick, the furniture required is minimal and it just feels more modern and minimalistic, which I love. I’m a fan already, for now.

Here are a few ideas that I drew inspiration and aesthetics from.

Pick Key Focal Pieces

Such as a bed, a dresser, a sofa or an alternative form of seating to entertain guests.  Arrange the list in order of priority and consider your budget while purchasing.

Because Studio apartments need ‘defining zones’, using poster beds, rugs and even modern shelving libraries do the trick. However, the drawback with furniture dividing spaces is that it makes the room look much smaller and congested.




Bedroom Elegant Apartment Decorating Ideas For Men Combining pertaining to Apartment Bedroom Wood




Use the walls as much as you use the floor space. Going higher is the key to creating an illusion of a higher ceiling, aka creating more space. For instance, hanging the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible creates this illusion, since it takes the eye up.


If you are planning on a paint job, it’s a great idea to keep the walls neutral, to start with, till you have all your furniture in place.




For the love of art

Invest in art and smaller pieces, which have a voice of their own and provoke thought as opposed to coordinating them with the IKEA sofa. Or you could just make your own.




Look for storage options, such as under the bed and wall shelving.




Play with Accents & Accessories


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