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Roses Vanille by Mancera

This is the first scent that I’ve purchased from the House of Mancera and when I imagined the concoction, a bouquet of flowers at a high-tea magically appeared in my head. Normally I love fruity, and fresh fragrances bordering on summer sweetness, but I was very disappointed when a large portion of the ‘Vanille’ was missing and that maybe I lack the PH for this one.

But, before I go on to describe what this Eau de Parfum does for me, I’d like to write a non-biased description of the notes.


Fresh Lemon of Calabria.


Turkish Delight with Rose.


Cedarwood, Intense Vanilla & White Musk.

Roses Vanille by Mancera is an oriental vanilla fragrance that signifies the sweet and sensual nature of women. It has luxurious and precious ingredients that create an enticing aroma. This Mancera perfume opens with refreshing water notes and lemon. The heart of the Roses Vanille perfume has rose and sugar for a sensual, sweet appearance. Furthermore, the base notes of sugar, vanilla, cedar, and white musk give you a cosy, warm feeling and keep you comfortable all through the day. Available in a 120 bottle, the nose behind Roses Vanille for women is world-famous perfumer Pierre Montale.


The packaging is nonchalant. This Parfum comes in a black shimmery box which houses a pouch which then has a clear bottle with a dark grey cap. Very minimal, very chic. The cap is sturdy and locks in. The actual Parfum looks robust and ‘sunsetty’  in a light blood-orange hue.

The scent is fresh, sweet and feminine. The first spritz is a beautiful and robust bouquet of some exotic oriental garden and a middle eastern/ woody vibe.

The sweetness lingers on the skin with unrivalled potency and surreal longevity. This Parfum lasts almost an entire day and shares the longevity of counterparts such as Bright Crystal by Versace and Valentina Pink by Valentino.

After about an hour, the instant fruit-rose punch wears off a bit and settles into a more sweet and understated citrus-rose. The integral charm, I suppose would be the freshness and fruitiness.

I am genuinely trying to be unbiased with this review, but honestly, to me, it has a very synthetic, plastic doll-like heady texture. One spritz is strong enough to make me feel like an arm-candy. When I think of the appropriate audience for this product, I imagine a strong, confident diva-like woman who loves makeup, straightening her hair, getting the nails and of course has a weakness for fancy dinners on a cruise. The issue is, I am most of those things but I can’t seem to get past the idea that a large portion of the vanilla is missing and without it, the citrus, wood and rose seems a bit off on my skin.

If you like Valentina Pink, you will most certainly love this fragrance. It’s lighter, fruitier and hinges toward a similar floral palette. This would make for an ideal daytime, summer fragrance when the humidity is a bit higher.

Final Thoughts: I like it, but it’s just not for me.

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