Lessons I’ve Learnt from Really Successful People in my Life

In this post, we are highlighting the most striking elements of those who have made it big in their careers, professional reputations and financial abundance.

There is something that sets you apart, makes you different. It’s a spark. What you do with that spark, is entirely at your discretion.

I’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by a few self-made people in my life. There is a resounding distinction between them and all others. Their humble dignity and history of serial successes make them conspicuous. They have a certain edge to them, it’s about how they say things as opposed to what they say.

Simplification would be calling them Charmers, but they are so much more than that. You see, they almost always keep their word. If it still suits them, of course.

Let’s understand first that success is different for people. I may love chocolate, but you may prefer chocolate ice-cream better. Excuse my analogy, but what I’m trying to say is that the same article doesn’t make everybody happy.

In this post, we are highlighting the most striking elements of those who have made it big in their careers, professional reputations and financial abundance.


They may have to do lists, as much st of us do, but the items are few and mostly crossed. They don’t seem to dwell on inconsequential, non-rewarding activities. Their actions are consistent with their goals and they will give their all in the pursuit of relevance. They don’t let petty things waver their drive. They dream it, they obsess over it and they achieve it.

If they start a project they finish it, there is no wishy-washy ‘Let’s see, I may, I procrastinate and I forget’ scenario, here. They prioritize it above all else, they make it their church.

Gossip runs Low

They are so engrossed in achieving their goals, that they don’t seem to have the time for unnecessary banter. They may walk away from a group of people while they are discussing how the new employee’s pants tore at the meeting or if polite enough, they may excuse themselves on the pretext of an important call/meeting. It’s hard to find them backbiting or making fun of someone’s vibe. Business acumen, maybe.

They discuss ideas, goals, solutions and achievements.

Martyr me, but don’t write about it

They are willing to make sacrifices. They seem to understand that there are no free meals and that a price must be paid for the things which we desire. They pay it forward, they don’t complain, they just get on.

It must be hard, but they do it anyway.

Self Reliance

One of my friends cleans his house himself despite having help at home and all the other amenities, which being wealthy in a third world country, allows. I asked him why he does it and here’s what he said:

“I’m house proud and the cleaners always miss the dirt in corners. I don’t want to come down with allergies.”

They are independent and have little patience for shoddy work, which mostly ends up with them doing most of their own work.

Clean (AF)

They are clean, just way more than the average Jo. They are generally obsessed with bathing, dental hygiene and other acts of cleanliness. I haven’t been able to put a finger on why that is, perhaps to calm their overactive minds?

But, they do have an invisible shield to keep specks of dust and creases out of their environments, of that I’m certain.


They have fixed routines and the discipline to follow them through. Whether it be waking up at 6 am every day, sitting to think for 30 minutes while sipping a latte, training religiously at the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for an hour at 7 pm or reaching work half an hour early every single day.

Their quirks and routines are noticeable.

Consistent Upward Curve

They keep moving and rarely stay fixated on something too long. They are conquerors  – of goals, problems and situations. You won’t find them feeling shy in admonishing someone who isn’t performing and as a result, is impeding their sales. They drive performance and a reputation for it.

Me before you

They are sharp, focused and self-serving. They put their needs before others and justifiably so. They will make the most of someone’s capability and the consolation for the rest of the world is, of course, betterment. It’s rare to find a subordinate, who’s worked with them in the past, who won’t say something on the lines of “it was challenging working with him/her, but you know, I’ve come to realize now how important that experience was for me and how much I’ve learnt. I was lucky.”

They have a vision of the optimum scenario and everyone has a role to play. Their task is the management of this system; to create order out of chaos.

Mental Clarity

When at work, they leave their home troubles behind. They are clear in that they work for the rewards which most appeal to them – monetary, validation, esteem, independence, etc.

They compartmentalize their lives, leaving work, once done, at the office address and using all other avenues of entertainment and peace such as home, friends, etc, to reboot.

They may mix business with pleasure but, they stick to the boundaries of each. It’s either business or pleasure.

What Failure?

They don’t lament over failures, they just move on. They don’t waste their time or that of others discussing inconsequential things because that’s just what failures are- inconsequential things.

They have the inherent understanding that a fresh opportunity is just around the corner and if it isn’t they go about creating it. They don’t dwell on past mistakes because mucking around with irrelevance never made anyone great.

Confidence is Key

I said a little bit earlier that they are charmers and that’s just what charmers do. They look outward. They are rarely so preoccupied with introspective insecurities that they forget their surroundings. They always make people feel good. They make others feel important as they go about discussing ideas, goals and achievements.

They give you the idea of increase as they go about infecting people around them with ambition, personal glory and most importantly, the high of finishing what you started.

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