In Praise of the Kabuki Brush – Review

A review of the humble Kabuki Brush and why its ideal for applications on all skin types.

Or the Mushroom Brush, if you prefer

Kabuki Brush - Atelier 9 to 5

I’m a huge fan of this little brush. Beauty blenders are amazing for their precision and that they literally deposit the product where its intended, such as fine lines and pores. And, they are great for concealing and blending out harsh lines, but when it comes down to the application of foundation, concerning the time taken and even coverage, this little baby called the Kabuki brush, is it.

I’ve been ‘making up’ since 12 years now and it’s strange that I never used the Kabuki brush and now that I have, in all honesty it’s amaze balls.

Traditionally Kabuki Brushes were used by the Kabuki Japanese artists who wore Kesho, the ‘white rice powder base’ and used the brush to apply evenly.

The brush is essentially a short-stemmed and dense bristled makeup brush and is used for applying foundation, blush – basically anything liquid that may go on your face.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.08.12 PM.pngzoe099_zoeva_kabukibrush_bamboo_1_1560x1960-mstt1.jpg

What I love about the product

Timesaving, ease of use, blending capabilities and uniformity of application.

What I don’t like

Sometimes, the bristles are too short, and the rounded steel, wooden or plastic edge may hurt you, if not gentle.


Timesaving:  *****

Ease of Use: *****

Blending : ****

Uniform Application: ****


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