How to set up Amazon Alexa in Dubai – or the GCC

Mabrook it’s time to actually start!

Congrats, you’ve probably been gifted an Amazon Alexa aka Echo and are essentially struggling with how to get this fancy PA up and running so sooner or later we can get to the good stuff.. like home automation, playing your music on cue and asking are silly/relevant questions like if she’s recording and sending your information back to Amazon.

But first lets set it up.

If you have an Amazon account

– Log Out

Register as a new user with a different email address, choose your country of residence as somewhere in the United States, or any other place where Alexa has been launched (officially).

Find a city in that country and a post code, make up a phone number or borrow one from a relative you know will never use Alexa.

Now open iTunes, log out, create a new ID in a country where Alexa has been launched. This should enable you to download the app on your IOS phone. Once that’s done, pair and you’re good to go.

Just don’t ask her/it if Amazon’s recording you, because it probably is. 🙂

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  1. My friend was using the same but was able to connect to internet only via data… home wifi doesn’t work in UAE.. has anyone experienced the same

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