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Adulting is hard, especially when its entails moving homes annually. Yes, we do that around here and with every move, I swear, I turn into an angry little kid throwing tantrums, because quite honestly I hate moving and not to forget clutter.

It really isn’t my idea of a ‘fun thing to do over the weekends’.

These times call for patience and resilience where hopefully this time, considering its the 5th in a span of 3 years- I can gracefully juggle work, home, being a dog-mommy and make a little extra time for play all while being ridiculously zen.

Combatting the Moovy-blues

Me before you

  • Stay hydrated- drink water, stock up on veg juice,
  • Prep your music in advance
  • Pack your personal things of high priority in a separate luggage ( like office clothes, make up, etc)
  • For food if you’re in Dubai Go Here. I swear by this website for ordering my munchies.

This, listed below is the Golden Rule of moving :

  • Give away things which are of no use to you (its great for your soul!)
  • Throw out things which are of no use to you or anyone else.
  • Make sure to pack everything that belongs in a particular room together in a room-labeled box. This makes unpacking easier once you get where you are going. Start packing one room at a time, packing smaller items first to get them out of the way. Carefully mark and tape each box so you can find everything when you unpack.

The Essentials

  • Keep the collar and the lead separate (up front) and easily accessible.
  • Keep several Garbage bags, cartons tape and scissors handy.
  • Keep the dog food and water bowls easily accessible
  • Gather all required packing supplies and moving boxes of different sizes. You will need different sizes of strong moving boxes to pack items of different sizes.
  • Never underestimate the power of pouches -the good, the bad, the ugly- they will all come in handy on a rainy day, and this is a rainy day (read moving MAKE UP and other nicknacks
  • Padding supplies
  • Wrapping sheets
  • Newspapers, blank newsprint paper
  • Labeling stickers
  • Marking pens

over the hill birthday

The Closet

  • Start separating your winter + summer clothes in cartons, if you haven’t done so already. The more organized you are the better.
  • Keep shoe boxes and pouches ready

The Kitchen

Because you don’t want to wait until the last minute to be packing your kitchen, go ahead and pack the kitchen early, and then survive the final week or two before you move using simple meals with paper plates and plastic utensils. During this crazy time in your life you’ll also appreciate not having to worry about doing dishes. Make sure these get thrown in your “First Day” laundry baskets for your new house so that you don’t have to unpack your kitchen immediately when you get there!

Ideally this should start a few weeks in advance – sealing open packs of spices and herbs; throwing out what isn’t necessary or easily replaceable; sorting out the electronics

  • Start sealing opened packets in the kitchen
  • Throw out everything that’s expired from the fridge and the cabinets.

For detailed kitchen packing tips and how to pack chinaware Go Here.


  • Take photos of complicated set ups, like the back of your TV. Is there anything you have set up that took you forever to get just right and you’re totally loathing the moment you have to disassemble it? Then snap a photo of it for quick reference later.

In the end

Finally, look in each room, and make sure that everything has been removed. Place any last minute items together in one room.

Remember: when the truck has been filled (hopefully by this time you should have called movers) and they will tell you that they have everything, checking out each room to make sure that nothing has been left behind is your responsibility. When you are certain that each room is clean, then it is time to shut the door and leave!

Heres to fresh starts, sanity and freshly brewed coffee.

And don’t forget the bubbly!

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