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Beautiful Homes Inspiration Vol .04

The walls are a dead giveaway of unkept homes. They don't necessarily have to be painted.

Volume .04

This week let’s talk about accents.

The Accent Wall

The walls are a dead giveaway of unkept homes. They don’t necessarily have to be painted. There is a plethora of options such as wallpaper, contact paper, wash tape, tiles and concrete to name a few to really up the wall game.

Lets talk about Mirrors and Art

Artwork or mirrors add an elect of depth and character to any room. Additionally they speak volumes of a persons’ tastes. Each home tells a story and the quickest way to tell yours is by adding a bit of drama to your walls.

The Color Wheel

Does pink go with brown? Should I just color a wall entirely black to make sure everything ties together perfectly? Learn the basics of the color wheel, types of color schemes and color dimensions here.
The StandOut
An element which is bold yet harmoniously integrates with the design and setup of the space, it could be as simple as a humble plant (I’m a huge fan of nature indoors, it helps me ground), a striking sofa or a trio in a bright color.

And if you’ve made it till the end of this article here’s a link to a beautiful website all about Home Decor and Design to Nourish your creative streak until next time.

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