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21 ways to unwind after work (for super heroes)

Mean machines burn out too, yes they do. Here are 21 ways to unwind after work for super heroes of this generation, the previous and the after.

You love the grind, you live it, wake up for it and swear by it. You push hardest when no one thinks you can and miss it all over the weekends. It’s a bad relationship situation. It’s called work.

Problem is, there aren’t enough people like you out there. But, slow down superstar, at least be aware that there will be days .. when you find your wings clipped. You see, we all share this inherent need to unwind post trauma. And .. if a stressful day at work isn’t trauma, what is?

Imagine this.. you move into a new home, the electricity breaks down for over 12 hours, its 38 degrees celcius outside, your dogs won’t stop barking, because let’s face it.. it’s hot! You resolve to take a half day at work and report at 1pm instead of 9am and the first thought you have is “should I pour my self a stiff one before I step out?”, but your cabinet is empty. You then get to work and your manager wants you to do something really important and you screw up and your alibi ‘time’ is running out. Your moron Manager yells at you for not getting some artwork right… like DUH! Tick tock .. it’s 5 pm. Touch√©!

You get home and decide to take your dog out for a walk. The dog manages to break out of the shoulder harness and almost gets hit by a car. You drag her back inside, all the while shaking and scared. But no one knows that. You do. And now you know that you need to kick your shoes, sit back and this would be the perfect time to either pout your self a stiff one or pop a pill and pass the f out.. because honestly you’re done. The mean machine has stopped churning.


How do you unwind? ( for those times)
1. Journal – have a field day and knock yourself out sweet Sally.
2. Run the tub – light a couple of scented candles and sit in that tub till your fingers get wrinkly.
3. Drink a glass of wine
4. Change your clothes into something more ‘homely’, preferably comfortable loose clothing.
5. Do something you’re passionate about. For me it’s writing this right now. For you, it could be going for a drive or shopping or crafting or whatever the f your heart desires.
6. Be kind to the people in your immediate vicinity (remember Karma- may be she’s happy and this is when she visits you?)
7. Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself the biggest smile ever. Do this for 1 minute.
8. Visualise. Imagine that you have in your possession the most amazing things and experiences you could ever desire. Go all out, no one can judge you if no one knows.
9. Work out and really go at it.
10. Sip some green tea.
11. Buy yourself some flowers.
12. Take your pets for a walk ( just make sure that the harness/ collar is tight enough)
13. Break up with work for a day and set some boundaries. You are in the payroll for a set number of hours not the entire lifetime.
14. Eliminate stress and be selfish. Just for one day.
15. Head to the spa – treat yourself to a mani, pedi, or whatever it is that your heart desires and your budget allows.
16. Give in charity. Yes, you may have had a rough day but you could just be on the verge of making someone else’s day worthwhile. Remember Karma.

17. Listen to music that calms you down- numb by Linkin Park won’t.
18. Sleep a bit early.
19. Watch a movie
20.  Speak to your favourite person in the whole wide world.
21. Clean your space, de-clutter – it makes a world of a difference, besides you’ll be too tired in the end of the ocd that you won’t have time to think of anything else.

Truth be told, shiz happens. This is life. Even mean machines need a break once in a while.


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