15 Ways To Slay At Work, Post-Midweek!

15 Ways To Slay At Work, even Post-Midweek

Out of all the reasons that I love my job, my favorite bit is that it allows me to plan a future of Financial Independence. My second favorite being, that I am doing this for my own personal development. To me, there could be no nobler cause than that. Hah!


Between my desk at work and home, I try to follow a routine as often as I can. The mornings are usually my time and I absolutely adore it because I use this time to do things that I love. No pressure. I can just be. And, for that reason I don’t mind waking up at 5:30 in the mornings to sip on my favorite coffee brew and just “chill”, work out, fix myself a kick-ass breakfast, play with and feed my gorgeous huskies and say a little prayer before getting ready for work.

This keeps me sane and feeling pretty pumped for the rest of my day.


However, when I had my “Holy hours” nailed, I was naïve enough to think that would be enough to help me consistently bring my A Game to work and spike my productivity. Sigh! It’s only 70% true.


Through trial and much error, I present to you 15 Fool Proof Ways To Slay at Work- Consistently, even post Mid-Week.

15 Ways To Slay At Work, even Post-Midweek

  1. Stalk your emotions and Identify what or who is draining your energy

The  most nagging issue presented itself, sharp at 2:30 pm every week, either on Mondays or Tuesdays (if I was lucky). Bang. Done. Shut down. And, just like that my enthusiasm dwindled and I was sucked into a void, waiting for Thursdays (Yes Dubai, I’m talking to you!)

It wasn’t sleep deprivation or overworking and it wasn’t eating junk either. It was an energy drain, plain and simple. For example, a snarky remark from a colleague had my spiraling into a plethora of “wtfs!” or for that matter, the unending meetings made me want to zone-out into oblivion.


Don’t get trapped in the sick cycle carousal of people and situations prancing into your life and stealing your joy. Make a burn book if you have to. Log the energy drains, especially in the beginning of the workweek and keep track of the potential manholes.

2. Find your most productive time and nail it

Be aware of your most productive time in the day and tackle your most important tasks then. The projects, which have significant and immediate consequences should be on top of the priority list.


3. Set some goals already  


Write down what your goals are, how you wish to achieve them. Focus, daydream and work smart.

Most importantly we need to understand for ourselves why it is that certain things mean so much to us and why it is important for us to achieve them. Talk to yourself like you would to a 4-year-old. Eliminate the negative self talk! believe that you are capable and be your biggest fan. You don’t have to be shy while asking for things of yourself.

You don’t even have to share your ambitions with anyone, in fact it is in your best self-interest that you don’t.

For more on goal setting click here.

4. Create and complete to do lists


We have been designed such that it is in our nature to feel accomplished on having achieved something that we have set our minds to. It’s good for our self-esteem and self-reliance. All that’s really required is to first make a list of things which need being done and then to do them. Wear your big girl/ man pants and just do it!

5. Stop procrastinating and complete that task


Grab that bull by its horns. Really! Of course it takes effort forming new habits, but the good news is that you don’t have to wait till the end of a lifetime to reap the benefits.

Additionally, over time, being a practitioner of “I do what I have to do, when I have to do it”, you will outgrow your current circumstances. The secret trick is “consistency”.

6. Listen to your body

giphy-2One common trait in all of us is that we all have targets and deadlines which we are (sometimes) struggling to meet. We may be striving to achieve that ideal weight or attempting be at a hundred places all at once and mostly the endless list of what nots. Ugh!

But, the vehicle which drives all of that is that physical, tangible and limited being called “the body”. I need to take care of myself because its stupid to assume that I can drive around town with a broken car. There are times when we are exhausted and at those times the best thing to do is to just be .

Nourish yourself when you’re hungry; pamper yourself when you’ve been good; groom yourself often and rest when youre tired. And no, it isn’t selfish caring for yourself enough. Take care of yourself and the world will be a better place to you and in the process we move a bit closer to being limitless.

7. Maintain a list of achievements

You haven’t come this far just by chance. It has taken effort, courage and perseverance and many mistakes. Be proud of your journey, failures and quirks too. List your achievements and reflect on them often. Continue adding the new ones along the way and you will surprise yourself.

Caution: Don’t forget to be humble though. The purpose of this is to have a high self-esteem and no one ever got high self-worth but being a pr*ck.giphy

8. Notice the patterns in colleague’s behaviors. Really!

We may not be impressionable like soft clay, but our immediate environment affects us to a large degree. For instance, if someone has the flu in the office, chances are, you will be infected with the flu too. In similar uncanny ways, negative emotions when expressed, either vocally or through vibes, are infectious.

The idea isn’t to OCD, but to observe, preen and stay the f*ck away from negative situations/people as much as you can.


The Internet is full of ideas on how to deal with different personality type coworkers. Having said that, also try to figure out the kind of coworker that you are.

Are you too chatty at work?

Are you a bully? You get the idea.

9. Exercise Emotional Intelligence


Professional environments are a combination of various personality types. Different jobs roles require for people to be a certain way to successfully undertake and complete the tasks at hand. Each coworker has a predominant personality type and is best suited for that job role, else he/she wouldn’t have been employed. Due to these differences there may be clashes/differences in opinions.

On  a personal level, emotional intelligence is knowing what to say to who and when. Practicing restrain in both calm and anger, being kind and exercising situational awareness are all hacks which go a long way in conserving your energy from depletion.

10. Keep up the momentum over the weekends


Sounds like a bunch of hard work especially when over the weekends the basic mantra which resonates with most of us is to “do whatever the f* I want”.

What if I told you that resting adequately and sufficiently over the weekend sets the tone for a kick ass workweek? Taking the time out for yourself, what makes you happy and keeps you moving are both game changing and key.

Utilizing the weekends to rest, recuperate and organize the incoming week are great ways to stay organized and have weeks worth writing home about.

Do a bit of planning for the incoming week and set aside a portion of the day to meal plan and prep, do the laundry, clean your sanctuary/home, pamper yourself and of course get a ton of rest-both mental and physical in between.

Additionally, writing out the big anticipated tasks helps a ton too. Make a separate list of the top priority tasks and sequence them in order of priority.

11. Don’t bring work home



Working from home and chilling at work both make us toxic. There must be a sense of seriousness at work so as to complete the tasks assigned to us or follow-up with those who we assign it to, in a respectful and timely fashion. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride in the successful completion of projects.

Going the extra mile

12. Respect the holy hour


Recently I stumbled upon this amazing concept of the “Holy Hour”, which is basically the earliest that you can get yourself out of bed and be productive.

The idea is to recognize first, that this is probably the quietest time that you’re going to have today. Additionally, your mind is  almost entirely blank and impressionable.

‘The Holy Hour’ is used to do the things which enhance your personal experiences and sense of self-worth, set the tone for the day and most importantly the things which mean the most to you. It could be anything from writing to working out, visualizing the person you would like to become, or  spending this time with your family or praying. You choose!

13. Work out – the Magic 20 mins of the benefits of working out regularly include Enhanced Metabolism; Cultivating Consistency; Improved Physical and Mental Energy levels; a sense of Strong Self-Discipline; Better Sleep and Reaching Fitness Goals.

If you feel as strongly about working out for better self-worth and health as I do, click here.

Another great article to read can be found here. 


14. Drink nutritious smoothies, it’s a busy and overworked girl’s best friend


15. Have a cheat day


One day in the week I allow myself to completely shut down and it serves me well. The idea isn’t to become entirely sedentary but to slow down as much as possible. Some people I know take the last 6 weeks of the year to either slow down or shut down. Different things work for different people. Find  what works best for you and use it to your advantage.

..And for the love for gifs I’ll post just this last one! 🙂


See you on the other side.

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