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10 Things Yoga Has Taught Me

Its amazing how you change the way you never expect to, in ten years. Life is Extraordinary, truly! And in this cycle of unusual extraordinary-ness, we and ourselves.

1. To trust my body.

Our bodies are smarter than we may have believed. Under ordinary chaotic circumstances, the mind gains control over all three – mind, body and soul even though they are separate entities, which leads to mental paralysis, you know that feeling of being overwhelmed by a situation.

Our will power weakens and we give up temporarily.

Yoga has helped me reaffirm that I am in control of my body, mind and soul and not the other way round. Don’t get me wrong Im not a control freak, I just prefer a healthy balance.

Yoga made me trust my body to do an advanced pose while conquering my fear of falling or twisting my neck with, mental balance and poise.

It’s really quite simple, the body is a beautiful instrument and the mind is an intelligent mechanism to run it, this has helped me de-clutter and and be more relaxed.

2. To Respect my body and it’s limitations.

Pliability, confidence and flexibility builds over time. I always wished I was some sort of a superhero when I was very young. While at the Ashram, I kept pushing myself, and ever so often my Guru would remind me that the idea was to strengthen the back and not to break it, Lol!

Yoga, once you’ve practiced a bit, comes naturally, like art, where the mat is the canvas and your body is the graceful medium. But seriously, now I fathom the ‘don’t break your back’ bit.

Slow and effortless progress is way better than spondylitis.

3. Baby steps and consistency are the key.

I like how I feel after a personal practice. It teaches me patience and perseverance. It also creates clarity, harmony, a sense of oneness and a general acceptance for all and I like that. 🙂

4. To Smile more and frown less.

There’s enough reasons in the world to be content. Stress less, everything is impermanent, anyway. It’s made me realize that life is short and the idea is to explore and enjoy the ride.

5. Since every thing is temporary, I’m learning to never take anything for granted. We all, each one of us gets 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year, alright maybe 366 sometimes, but when we meditate somehow those very seconds expand, time goes by a little slower with an expanding consciousness, thus buying us more time to be grateful.


6. I’ve learnt to connect with nature.

This is something that I never thought I was capable of, i wreaked of ridiculous pride over being a city-girl and found parks boring. My bad. Now though, I’ve begun to realize that it is possible to drown out the white noise just by, being. It’s the noise in the head that needs elimination.

For example hearing the birds chirp is now a treat and tuning into the winds rustling through the leaves on the trees, is sometimes even a thrill.

7. Just breathe .

We often underestimate how significant breathing is, weather it’s the psychic’s breath or abdominal breathing or whatever the regular 12-20 breaths per minute, is.

Given any situation of any proportion, a little bit of breath control goes a long way and guess what.. Air’s complimentary:)

8. To take care of myself.

Irrespective of shape, size, gender, appearance, each one of us is a gift. I’ve learnt to respect the individualistic soul that everyone possesses and the different things that each person brings to the table. The vibrance in the uniqueness, and the resonance of the individualistic frequencies.

In a world where everyone is trying to be skinny, after practicing yoga for a bit, I dropped out of that fashionista league, I’ve been learning to eat right. It’s stamina, general personal well-being and fitness that I’m currently pursuing. To be able to prolong productivity and leisure.

9. The mind goes where attention flows.

In the beginning, if you’ve just started meditating, it’s almost impossible to keep the mind still, to concentrate on your breath or the eyebrow center, or wherever the Instructor demands you to focus your attention.

I was so surprised and excited when I first had a thoughtless-mind moment that I wasn’t thoughtless for very long after ‘that moment’ !

It just felt so awesome.

I’ve learnt to appreciate the small things in life because of moments such as these. I realize that I’m not in a race, that’s not an excuse for being lazy, but rather a graceful appreciation of life by itself.

I have some good news though, like everything else in life, for a quiet mind, consistency is key.. It comes slowly, but surely. 🙂

10. I find myself more open to new ideas now and just listen without being judgmental. I am not perfect, neither do I want to be, having said that I find myself exploring new things and opinions, that I couldn’t have imagined before. Just the concept of growing, learning and expanding is so attractive to me, now.

That, I guess, is our true nature, to inquire, to seek and to grow.

Whatever you do, and this goes for me too, the idea is to stay humble !

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